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Youth of Zorkor calls on leaders to either fix the deplorable roads or organize community labor with support.


A section of Youth in Anyone, a sub-community under Zorkor, a suburb of the Bongo District is calling on their leaders to as a matter of urgency rise up and fix the death trap roads or to support hard-working youth to fix the huge potholes on the roads.

The youth came out with a few of the elderly people in the community carrying shovels, pix axes, wheelbarrows, and other equipment with empty cement bags in a bid to level some huge potholes on the road.

Speaking to Godfred Awindenaba of Yem Radio at a section where they were trying to fix a bridge that has been abandoned by a contractor, the convener of the group Mr. Ishmael stated that, the deplorable state of the road has been a threat to their health and business including the lives of commuters hence their decision to turn into contractors.

Roads in the Zorkor enclave such as Bolga – Zorkor road, Sumbrungu Zorkor road, Zorkor – Namoo road, and Zorko – Sirigu road have been in the public domain for so long regarding their deplorable state and the numerous accidents that have occurred on those roads over the years.

About four years ago, the road was awarded to an unknown contractor who broke down the culverts on the road to replace them with new ones but abandoned the work along the line, but it took the cry of the residents and media reports to get the contractor back to fix the culverts but still didn’t complete the work and has since then abandoned the road with exposed culverts and deep potholes which have become a death trap to residents and commuters.

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