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Showbowy to hit the music industry with a no-match ‘Olamide the young bull’ album


The young vibrant upper east-based artist, Wahid Adisa, known in the industry as Showbowy is set to release his second album which promises to be the best of all times.

He revealed this in a discussion on the yem radio breakfast club show with CarlMax. “I’m making the album for my son, you know I’m the stubborn bull and my son is the young bull so the album is going to be dedicated to him” he stated.

According to the Akotex signee, “there is no artist who can beat the record of this upcoming album when it is released”. He added that there are about 19 recorded songs for the album so far and more are still going to be added.

Tackling on his upcoming show at JOCOM golden hotel inside the upper east regional capital on Sunday, 27th March 2022, Showbowy reveals that the show is going to be the best show that Fancy Gadam has ever had in the region.

He also expressed disappointment in some of his colleagues who decided to charge him to attend his show whereas he has never charged anybody a dime before attending their shows. “I have never charged a dime to attend anybody’s show, I buy my dresses, fuel my car, and sometimes I even pick the artists to their venues with my car so I was very much disappointed when I reached out to some of these artists and they were charging me” he expressed.

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