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‘School Improvement Team’ donates desktop computers, and teaching materials to Tarongo D/A Primary, and Junior High Schools

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A group of individuals known as “School Improvement Team” has donated 7 desktop computers and teaching materials to Tarongo D/A Primary and Junior High Schools on Friday, November 25, 2022.

The group which is made up of like-minded individuals from various communities in Zorkor found their way into the oldest school in the whole of Zorkor and offered to support in various ways.

The school happened to be among the first three schools in the district established in 1956, a year before independence.

In a speech delivered by Mr. Christopher Amigangre on behalf of the School Improvement Team, at a mini durbar organized for the donations in the school premise, he revealed that the group intends to help elevate the pride of education in the community.

According to him, “in time past, the Tarongo JHS was the best performing school in the whole of Bongo District as far as the BECE is concerned but as we speak now, the school has dropped from the top to the bottom, which is too bad for its image at this moment”.

“I am a past student of this school and it is sad to realize that Tarongo JHS students now struggle to pass the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE).

During our time, there was a massive competition for the best student’s position in the class but a girl was leading the class, the performance of the school was known everywhere and that attracted people from far places to bring their children to this school but now, the story is a pity.”

He went on to say that “it is therefore on the back of this coupled with the low performance of students across the various government schools in the Zorkor that the School Improvement Team was formed to offer support for the various schools in Zorkor, we are not rich but we see it as a necessity to put together our little resources for the betterment of education in our communities.

Buttressing his point, Mr. Anamsakiya Mathias Nyaaba a member of the Team, stressed that “the poor performance of the government schools has compelled our poor parents to take their wards to private schools which have caused most of them to be in debt.

This cannot be allowed to continue and so we called on teachers and students to rally behind us on this agenda so that the pride of the government schools will be elevated.

Mr. Amigangre then added that they came across another group called Naidvar Trust which was also doing other things for the school and they have decided to work hand in hand for the betterment of the schools. As he thanked the Naidvar Trust group, he expressed that their work is not limited to the Tarongo School alone but will be extended to other schools as well.

The School Improvement Team is a group of benevolent individuals from the Zorkor community who have gone through the hardship of education and find themselves in various sectors of work.

Having experienced the difficulty in attending school in the village, these people then decided to form a solid team that will be willing to sacrifice for the future of the younger ones by putting together their little resources to purchase crucial items for the schools.

Members of the group sat with the former headteachers and staff of the school to find out know what is the cause of this bad performance. The following causes were mentioned among others:

1. Lack of textbooks and teaching-learning materials
2. No ICT lab and computers
3. Poor parental controls
4. Poor attitudes towards learning on the part of pupils
5. Poor structure of classrooms

6. Insufficient furniture for staff and pupils
The team or group promised to help improve teaching and learning in the school.

In June last year (2021), the group mobilized funds within themselves and was able to buy one textbook for every subject studied from KG to primary six (6). So that the teachers could have at least some reference material to use.

This year, 2022, the group mobilized funds within themselves again and presented seven (7) desktop computers to the school.

Hon. Atanga Aduko Patrick, the Assembly member for the Tarongo and Atiabiisi electoral areas expressed his heartfelt joy over the benevolence of the groups and encouraged the school authorities to make good use of the items donated to them.

He also begged students to work hard towards the improvement of their education to become better citizens for their communities and the country at large.

Representatives of the Chief and Land Lord of the community also took turns to express their joy.

The Head Master of the Primary School Mr. Akanboyure Raphel together with Mr. Abagana Abraham, the Headmaster of the Junior High School took the opportunity to thank the two groups for their benevolence towards the development of the school and also revealed that they received some teaching materials from the School Improvement Team last year and they are still grateful for their good deeds and prayed God’s blessings and protection upon the team.

They also used the opportunity to appeal to parents to prioritize the education of their children and do everything possible to support them. Mr. Abraham also mentioned among other things that inadequate dual desks, computers, and access to potable drinking water as part of the challenges hampering the smooth flow of teac and learning in the school and appealed to authorities to come to their aid


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The event was climaxed with a cultural performance including poetry recitations by the students.

Picture of the donation

The school authorities also showed appreciation to the donors by giving them socks as gifts.

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