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It is my mission and passion to project the Northern food and culture – Chef Abiro


A member of the Ghana Chefs association and a native of Zuarungu from the Upper East Region has pledged to use his career as a Chef to promote and project Northern food and culture.

The young Chef who is popularly known as Chef Abiro/the Northern Chef has had the opportunity to travel to several countries and also serve under several embassies throughout his career as a Chef.

Speaking to the media during a food seminar which he organized in collaboration with the Head Mistress of the Bolgatanga Girls Senior High School, on Sunday, 28th August 2022, dubbed “the miss-en-place” Chef Abiro stated categorically that he is been called the Northern Chef because of his unique way of doing his work.

“I am known as a Northern Chef because, in my culinary journey, I try to project Northern cuisine and culture, so I came up with the “miss-en-place” seminar because, in the whole culinary scene, the Northern cuisine is been neglected” he stated.
He went on to say that “sometimes when I go through some food adverts and other things, I don’t see my Northern food and I ask myself why?”

Read a statement by Chef Abiro below;

Ghana is now considered the gateway to Africa with the help of the Year of the return initiative. 1This
the initiative has made the country more visible to tourists and people seeking to experience what African
and Ghana can offer, and this has made Ghana the choice of visit for many people all across the
These wonderful people come into our country, tour a lot of places, a eat a lot of meals but leave Ghana
knowing little or absolutely nothing about Northern Ghanaian cuisine, culture, music, and Arts, and for
as a chef from The Upper Eastern part of Ghana, I feel it is a huge matter of concern that needs to
be addressed. Northern Ghana has a beautiful and wider diversity of culture and lots of undiscovered
tourists sites and an amazing cuisine
According to statistics, Northern Ghana has the strongest and healthiest group of people in the
country. Their strength and health are greatly attributed to the indigenous and highly nutritional 1000
contents they eat and the activities they engage in as people. The northern people of Ghana are known
for eating for strength and vitality and not for enjoyment and this can be seen in the richness of the
numerous plant-based meals they have. Societal Evolution has caused a drastic change in their eating
habits and how they see their food
Social media and the media industry have redefined how they should see food and what food they
should consider good and beautiful and this is causing a decline in their interest in the taste of
their indigenous northern food and ingredients This can partly be blamed on how their meals have
been portrayed and presented in a rapidly changing world where things are moving to the tune of
convenience, comfort, beauty, and satisfaction,
As a chef trying to digest the above problem, I have come up with a project called “TASTE OF THE
NORTH”, where I reach out to the major key players in our food industry in the northern sector to
help address this problem by organizing practical sessions where training will be given on how to
properly present our north cuisine to meet international standards and to also demonstrate how to
prevent food waste in the kitchens and how be very innovative with some of the underutilized
ingredients found in the north.
The Youth of today are considered the leaders of tomorrow and so this project will consider tackling
this problem from the youth level to the market level That is to say we start with students in High
schools studying home economics to students studying hotel catering and tourism in the technical
university, from our traditional caterers to the chefs in the hotels who understand the vision and want
to be part of this change
This project will collaborate with the Ghana Tourism Authority, the Ghana food movement, Ghana
chefs Association, Ghana Food and Drugs Authority, and Non-government organizations that stand for
sustainability and share the same vision
Additionally, Social media campaigns and media promotions will also be adopted to drive this vision
We look forward to having this vision grow to bring about northern Food festivities and other related
programs that will help push out the agenda of Northern Ghanaian cuisine to help ensure healthily
people and a healthy nation which is key to the attainable of the Sustainable Development Goals
To equip students with the night practical knowledge of northern cuisine and an accurate guide
to carrier selection in the hospitality industry
The leading promoter for northern Cuisine through evidenced-based skilled training

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