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Catering is not for ‘unintelligent people’ – regional chairlady for traditional caterers’ association


The Upper East Regional Chairlady for the traditional caterer’s association cum Manager for Donadel catering services and also the national organizer for the traditional caterers’ association, Madam Diana Apeyosi has debunked claims and perceptions that catering/home economics is a reserved field for the ‘dunder heads’ (unintelligent people).

According to Madam Diana Apeyosi, catering is rather a field for people who know what they are up to, intelligent people. “You need to be brilliant enough, disciplined enough to be a caterer” she insisted.

She went on to debunk claims that catering is not a lucrative field for brilliant students to go into. “I am where I am today with all these titles following me because I made my choice and pursued it wholeheartedly.

Speaking about her academic credentials, Madam Diana stated that she was a brilliant student in school. “my worse position in class was 3rd and even with that one, my father have to come to the school to take me home because I didn’t understand why I got 3rd position, so don’t allow anybody to deceive you.

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