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Our community has been exempted from the National Grid, not even a single house has electricity


Residents of Boko – Asakwa, a suburb of Bongo District in the Upper East Region are calling on the government to help their community to get electricity.

According to residents of Asakwa in the Bongo District, the community has never witnessed the availability of electricity before, a situation that has limited them in so many ways, especially in this modern age.

Speaking in an exclusive interview during a visit by yem radio news reporter, the Assemblyman for Boko electoral area, Hon. Baba Michael Awine stated that the rural electrification project started somewhere in 2014 but has been abandoned since 2016.

“The contract was awarded to one CK Asare electricals but I have been to his office several times in Bolga to discuss the continuation of the project with him and what I have discovered is that the materials needed to continue the project have not been provided by the government and so the contractor is not able to do any other thing again except to wait on the government”.

According to Mr. Apiah Francis, a resident of the community, the lack of electricity in the community is making life hell for them because they are so much limited and unable to do so many things.

“Students cannot get electricity to read, we cannot use televisions, computers, refrigerators, or even charge our phones unless we cross to Namoo, if in this modern world people still suffer like this, what else can we say, are we not part of this country called Ghana?” He quizzed.

Meanwhile, Hon Baba had disclosed that the project was a self-help programme; meaning that the community was supposed to partner with the government to execute the project.

“The community was supposed to dig the holes for the poles and fix them including all manual activities while the government was to provide the materials needed for the project as well as get the contractor to execute it”

“The community youth have done their best to make sure that all the poles are fixed, they have also helped in the dragging of the cables for the wiring but the government has failed to accomplish its part of the agreement”. He revealed.

The community is therefore appealing to the government to fulfill its promise and provide the community with electricity

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