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Showbowy reveals deeper secrets of UEMA and describes the scheme as being bias


The upper east-based artist, Wahid Adisa with the stage name Showbowy has described the Upper East Music Award (UEMA) as biased stating that awards are not usually given to those who deserve to be awarded.

According to him, he already knew that Nambawan was going to win the artist of the year category for the 2021 award year even before they started the filing of the nominees. “I told my zongo brothers not to file for the nomination because Nambawan was going to win artist of the year” he noted.

He also stated that anybody who doubts what he said can ask the following guys to find out whether he told them so or not, they include; Anadwo, Roy Lambert, Mani Mandela, and Bone dada.

He went on to say that Nambawan didn’t win the award based on hard work. “let’s be sincere, Nambawn didn’t work like Mani Mandela and Alapta wan, we all didn’t work like they did but it was something that happened and I said that Nambawan would win artist of the year” he added.

In his words, he does not want to disclose the exact thing that happened. “the award day I was there and I told Mani Mandela before the start of the program that they will give him an award to console him but he would not get artist of the year and in the process, he was given two awards and he turned and looked at me when they mentioned artist of the year, all of them run to me but I refused to tell them how I got to know all that was going to happen”

He went on to say that there is more to the GHc 20,000 that was given to the winner of the artist of the year category but he wants to keep some of the things to himself.

But in a proverbial manner, he revealed that the money and all that went into the award was a contract, this was what he said; “if I go to JOCOM to do a show and they told me that we should do it in the form of a percentage base so that they take 60% while I take 40%, what is it? But don’t tell me that you don’t understand” he mentioned to Carlmax.

SOURCEYem radio; Godfred Awindenaba
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